Avoiding toy dangerous for your kids

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Avoiding toy dangerous for your kids

In the first stage of life, children play with their own body and with their parents, who begin to interact with them. But from the second semester, they are already able to pick up several objects at the same time and identify colour, texture and sound. This is the time to make sure the baby gets a toy not dangerous, taking into account her young age.

Baby’s first toys

First, it must be adapted to the physical characteristics and age of the child. From 6 months to 18 months, without going any further, we should opt for games that favour the awakening of the senses, motor learning and the capacity for imitation.

The mobile, one of the most common entertainments at these ages, we must try to hang it in a place that the child does not have constantly in sight. Your baby will be very attracted to your colours, movements, and music, and will want to pick it up and suck on it. So it is important to act wisely.

From the age of 8 months, bath toys begin to acquire special importance: our son, sitting in the bathtub, will enjoy grabbing his dolls and splashing in the water.


Tips for parents about toys

For the child, any object can become a toy, extra care should be taken when presenting toys to kids. Toys may as well be dangerous. The following tips will help:

1. Don’t let him chew on his stuffed or stuffed toys. Although at first glance they seem harmless, the child could end up choking on the fabric.

2. Keep dangerous toys away. Avoid putting toys with strings or ribbons longer than 30 cm within the child’s reach, to avoid possible strangulation.

3. Choose flashy games. Choose games that are loud and brightly coloured (rattles, cubes, dolls). These types of objects especially stimulate the child’s senses.


4. Store toys properly. Try to keep our little one’s toys in a box, avoiding them being scattered around his room. The child could trip over them and hurt himself.

5. Check the baby’s toys periodically. With their use, they can deteriorate and become dangerous objects. If you notice a broken toy, don’t hesitate to throw it away as soon as possible.

The dangers of toys for the baby

From 8 to 10 months, babies begin to move autonomously. Soon they can grab much of the objects that until now seemed unreachable. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of:

  • Small objects. Be especially attentive throughout this period so that the child does not handle objects that are too small that she could swallow.
  • Sharp objects. Prevent the little ones from having contact with sharp or heavy objects that could end up damaging them.
  • Frayed objects. Remove those fabrics that can fray (and with which you can choke)
  • Toxic paint, glass or plastic objects. Keep away games with a layer of toxic paint and those made of glass or plastic that can break.
  • The recommended age. Respect the recommended age and do not provide a baby with toys recommended for older children.

Toys that babies must pull, push or roll will accompany them throughout their learning to walk and will help them better coordinate their movements.

Cubes, another of the most common diversions at these ages, will allow you to develop, little by little, her ability and intelligence. Thanks to them, the baby will enter the world of “construction-demolition”, an extremely important ritual when the child acquires awareness of power over the objects that surround him.

All those entertainments with which the baby has to hit will allow the little one to express her aggressiveness, as well as practice the best way to master her gestures. It will also be the perfect excuse to imitate her eldest.


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