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The answer to whether you can solely rely on your tablet for working at home depends on the kind of work you do. For jobs like web development, app development, architecture, engineering, and the like, A tablet would never stand in place of an actual laptop or desktop. That said, what kind of task can a tablet do? Well, a tablet is a mobile device. Some tablets are well-packed with the software capability of a laptop. 

The feature of a tablet that is always found lacking when compared to a laptop or desktop computer is its input/output (I/O) abilities. Perhaps, this is what brings about a clear distinction between what you can do on a tablet computer and what you can not. Any job that requires precise control of the input unit or heavy output capabilities would not be suited for a tablet. Job in this class include:

  • UI/UX
  • Technical drawing
  • Video editing
  • Programming etc

What kind of job could be done on a tablet?

As mentioned before, a tablet is more or less a mobile phone with heightened features. Thus all the capabilities of a mobile phone can be seen on a tablet. Additionally, due to their wider screen and pointer(Pen) that comes with some, a tablet can be used for very lightweight graphic design, sketching, note-taking, and the likes.

Below are some tablets you might find amazing. We were able to attach some of their features and possible jobs it can comfortably handle.


Apple iPad Air

The Apple iPad Air is a beautiful piece of hardware, it has an all-screen design with a stunning 10.9inch Liquid Retina display and supports the pencil and a magic keyboard. Outrightly, one could see the downside of the Apple iPad Air. With a screen size of 10.9 inches, I would not recommend the Apple iPad Air for one who likes big screens.

Apple iPad Pro 12.9

The iPad Pro 12.9 comes with larger screen size. It has a 12.9-inch liquid retina XDR display. With pencil and magic keyboards, you can write, draw, and take notes with pixel-perfect precision. You would not have any problem handling light to medium scale design on this piece of hardware.


ReMarkable 2 Tablet

Using the ReMarkable tablet feels as if you are using a plain sheet of paper. From the way it is built, one could see what kind of job this tablet is suitable for. The ReMarkable 2 tablet is fantastic at taking handwritten notes, reading, reviewing documents, and taking notes directly on PDFs.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 series has one of the most advanced technology. This tablet is the go-to choice for most individuals who need a note-taking & drawing tool. You are bound to get a near PC-like experience while using this tablet. You can do a lot more than just take notes with this tab


Microsoft Surface Pro 7

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is a great tablet for note-taking and lightweight design. It has a very strong battery life hence it is a great device to have on the go.

Other tablets you might find interesting include:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e
  • Microsoft Surface Go 2
  • Amazon Fire HD 10

It will still take a while before tablets take the place of laptops computers that might never happen. Laptops and desktops are made to take on a hideous amount of tasks. This has always been the case.


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