Breakfast Reimagined

by author

Can a knife really change the way we do breakfast everyday? The Better Butter Spreader has definitely made a ruckus in my household.

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy breakfast foods at any time of the day. There’s something about a warm muffin with perfectly spread butter on top that brings me joy.

Fluffy, buttery pancakes that make my kids smile as they eat them on a Sunday morning. My wife is a baking enthusiast, and I can vouch for everyone else in our house that this is a dream come true. Freshly homemade baked bread that fills the kitchen and adjacent rooms with a cozy scent of wholesome and deliciousness. 


Needless to say that we are big on food in my house. Personally, I never thought breakfast and baked goods could ever get better. Boy was I wrong. As designated kitchen aid to my wife, I’m usually responsible for a lot of the busy work in meal prep. The upside is that I’m the first to test all the food that she makes, lucky me… 

Breakfast in our home is more of an experience than a meal. My wife has a wide collection of pans and tools. The poached egg pods, the multi pancake pan, and double omelet maker. The variety of foods that come out of my wife’s kitchen are countless. Fruit and granola parfaits that lead to golden scrambled eggs and bacon. I know what you’re thinking, I married right. 


But when our close family friend arrived from Vermont last February to stay with us for a couple of weeks, everything changed.  She studied with my wife in college and knew how passionate she was about baking. She brought this one utensil that had our whole family surrounded around her as she held it like a holy grail. 

It blew all of our minds, and we couldn’t believe it had been created. It made my kitchen aid job much easier and made spreading butter on foods a total blast. The Better Butter Spreader revolutionized the way we interact with butter and food. We prefer chilled butter in our home, and usually we have to leave the butter out during our cooking adventures to make things “easier”. Thanks to the Better Butter Spreader, we don’t have to do that. We can put this knife to action with the butter right out the fridge. 


Have you ever seen chilled butter start melting on warm pancakes? The slightly chilled butter contrasts with the fluffy pancakes in my mouth as I close my eyes and smile at the same time. 

I’m proud of having this knife in my kitchen drawer. It is a must if your family loves butter as much as mine. 


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