Caring for glass furniture

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glass furniture

Glass furniture is easy to clean and keep up. It has always been used to beautify the interiors and its use as a structural element is increasing with each passing year.

Glass is also very hygienic when used as a furnishing material. It is delicate. Hence the need to Handle with Care.

In our quest to clean our Glass furniture, we have to make vinegar our best friend. Why?

Advantages of cleaning glasses with vinegar

When deciding what substance to use to clean, you can find multiple options. Surely you know that vinegar can be used for this, so let’s talk about how you can effectively use vinegar.

You may prefer to use some type of synthetic cleaner to maintain the windows in your home. There is a good variety in stores and supermarkets, with ergonomic packaging and a pleasant aroma. Online you can also get deals on products designed for that purpose.

We can certainly spend a lot of space talking to you about all the advantages of cleaning with vinegar. To begin with, it is vital to point out that this ingredient is present in practically any kitchen. It is easy to acquire, inexpensive and safe to use, as it does not pose a danger to your health.


A basic ingredient in the composition of vinegar is acetic acid, whose antibacterial properties are widely recognized. This is undoubtedly the main reason why its use has become popular when sanitizing at home. Practically any surface can be cleaned with vinegar.

In addition to removing pathogens from objects, vinegar can also help remove grease. Quite easily, vinegar can clean adhering grease on coarse surfaces. Another advantage of using vinegar to clean is that you can neutralize bad odours. Vinegar kills the microorganisms responsible for odours.

Procedure for cleaning glass with vinegar

To start, look for a couple of microfiber cloths, which are special for these surfaces, as they do not leave behind lint.

You will also need a bucket of water, where you will rinse the cloth from time to time. This is especially necessary if the glass to be cleaned is very dirty or stained. Lastly, keep a spray container on hand to make applying the cleaning mixture much more comfortable.


Use one of the microfiber cloths to remove all the dust on the glass. By removing the dust, we prevent it from rising when cleaning the glass and sticking to it, which will ruin the work.

Once you have removed all the dust from the surface, you can start applying your glass cleaner.

It is time to use the other microfiber cloth to clean the glass, making circular movements with enough pressure. Spend more time and effort on areas where there are grease stains or marks, adhering to dust or black dots. Carry out work calmly and with dedication, watching over every detail.

This procedure may be enough to make the glass sparkle. To finish, use some absorbent kitchen paper to go over all the glass. With this, you will remove all the watermarks that may have remained, drops and moisture deposits. Your glass will be completely translucent.

In addition, here is some extra rule of thumb that will ensure you have your glass furniture looking just the way you got it for a very long time.


Daily Cleaning is a must. For your glass furniture to stay shining, you will have to put in some work. Cleaning regularly will help remove residues that may have been collected over your glass surface. If done the right way, the outcome is always perfect.

Glass furniture with scratches all over does not look nice. So do well to keep those sharp objects away.

Never utilize rough material or cleanser to clean your glass furniture

You can undoubtedly clean glass furniture with the assistance of a moist piece of cotton fabric to eliminate all the earth and residue. Indeed, even obstinate stains can be eliminated thusly by sprinkling a gentle fluid cleanser. Sand is the adversary of glass and it can without much of a stretch scratch its surface. Never utilize a grating fabric or a cleanser to eliminate finishes from the outside of your glass furniture.

On the off chance that you follow these tips and counsel, you can ensure that your glass furniture keeps on looking shimmering clean and all-around great for quite a while to come.


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