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outdoor furniture

Choosing outdoor furniture is an art: you need sensitivity, imagination and wanting to capture your stamp through them. Confused and don’t know where to start? we offer you some guides to make the renovation of your patio or terrace an act of magic.

What are you waiting for! Discover them!


The first thing you should do in the remodelling of any space in your home, even the exterior, is to see the budget you have available and from there establish what type of outdoor furniture you want and can buy. This allows you, for example, to establish whether to bet on materials such as rattan or aluminium.

Sometimes when we budget to renovate somewhere in the house, we tend to invest a lot in little things. And it is not that it is bad, but details of fine coquetry such as decorations and lighting should be in the background. Give more importance to furniture such as sofas, the coffee table, side tables and even umbrellas for sunny days.

Believe us, it is possible to renovate the terrace with little money.


After you establish the budget and the priorities in the remodelling of your home, the next step is to stop and think very well about what space you have on your terrace or patio and how you plan to take advantage of it.


Beyond the style that you want to print on the terrace, patio or garden of your house, you should choose furniture that is resistant not only to the passage of time but to the climatic conditions that can go through the most suffocating heat and those rains that end with everything.

Another recommendation when selecting outdoor furniture is that it be easy to move and clean. Keep in mind that when it comes to social gatherings, outdoor spaces are the favourite, which is why they get dirtier and tend to move more than usual.


Before buying any furniture, you should imagine how you want the exterior space of your house to be and thus choose a style. It can be rustic, as if it were the outskirts of a country house, or vintage, with traditional furniture but with avant-garde painting and details. Keep in mind that the idea is to maintain the style of the interior spaces.


If you do not decide on a single style, you can make the terrace an eclectic space, which collects a little of all. The important thing, above appearance, is that you feel comfortable, that you impregnate a lot of yourself in the furniture and each element of decoration.

Children and pets?

Having children and pets in your home are a key factor in selecting the furniture you want for your terrace, garden or patio. Imagine that your child or pet prefers an open space to play, then you have to furnish it in such a way that it feels comfortable and easy to clean.

As for your pet, think that when it comes to an outdoor space, both cats and dogs tend to play without limits: it is best to opt for resistant furniture that cannot destroy.


A piece of furniture can stand out on its own, it is true. But there is nothing like those decorative elements that bring life to any space in your house. What do we recommend? A garland of lights to make the terrace a cosy place on nights of glasses of wine.

Plants will always be an indisputable decorative element for outdoor spaces. Hanging decorated pots on the floor will give a cooler and calmer look to your space or terrace


Knowing what type of material you want for your outdoor furniture is directly related to the style you want for this space in your home. If you want something Scandinavian, for example, it is best to try wicker, light, with a touch of class and easy to clean.

Wood, believe it or not, can also be a good option, as there is a type that is very resistant to rain, as long as it is well maintained. Glass with aluminium can give your terrace a luxurious look, while rattan and bamboo are ideal if what you want is the tranquillity that nature provides in your home.


We believe choosing the right material for your climate is vital. For this reason, Let’s have a look at the different materials you are likely to choose from and their characteristics.


Aluminium furniture is light and easy to move in any situation. This furniture is durable since they resist various climatic factors, for example, it can be placed in areas with high temperatures because they do not conduct heat. This means that when we sit down, the furniture is not so hot and we can be in the sun without worrying too much about this factor.

In addition, it is a material that does not corrode or discolour, although over time it forms a layer of aluminium oxide that protects it from corrosion. Although this rust can make our furniture look dull, it will only be enough to clean it with soap and water to remove this layer and have it like new again.

To have a garden set made of this radiant and perfect material, we recommend using car wax or mineral oil to protect the surface of our furniture.


Steel furniture is heavier and more robust than aluminium, although this material is not a total insulator against climatic factors, we can apply a protective finish to prevent oxidation, such as primers or waterproofing paints, and for corrosion, we will use a layer of car wax.

Steel is highly durable and easy to maintain, as it can be washed with mild soap, a sponge, and water.

An important point that we must consider about this material is that it tends to react to the weather, that is, it will heat up or cool down according to the temperature.

Wicker and/or Rattan

The all-weather wicker material is versatile, durable, and available in a variety of unique hand-woven designs and colours that add a natural touch to our furniture.


However, because this material has a woven surface, dust occasionally adheres to it, but that’s fine, it should only be washed with a mild detergent, gently rubbing over the fabrics and rinsing.

In addition, to combat climate changes and protect our furniture, the use of wicker resin for all types of weather is ideal.

Wrought iron

This material is derived from iron that is usually used because of its durability, since it supports a great weight, making our furniture safe and comfortable. In addition, it is a material that will not move in strong winds, but this does not mean that it is difficult for us to move.

However, it is necessary to apply protection against oxidation to keep them in optimal condition and touch up with paint the points most exposed to the elements to maintain a smooth surface.


The characteristic visual appearance of wood will never go out of style, especially because there is a diversity of types of wood, such as teak, cedar, cypress, pine, among others.

For outdoor spaces, teak provides durability and solidity. Thanks to the natural oil of this material, it preserves its appearance without having to use finishes. However, the use of paint with UV filters is required to avoid discolouration and polish or oil to preserve the original appearance.

To choose the best patio furniture, we must seek the perfect harmony between the type of material, the capacity of our outdoor space, our decorating style and our common tastes and activities on the patio. All these factors will help us to identify the perfect furniture for this special “room”.


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