Choosing the parrot as your pet

by admin44

If you have decided that your new pet is a parrot, before acquiring it you must take into account a series of points. You must take into account the economic aspect since the cost of its maintenance is usually high because the owners have to face many expenses throughout the life of the parrot and must be able to face them.

It is also necessary that you have a lot of space to be able to place the cage. You must also make sure that you have free time each day to be with the parrot, since it is an animal that needs social contact to develop in full health, and you cannot have it for a long time alone.

This is because it is a very intelligent and social animal, which can also make it easily bored if it falls into monotony, so you must introduce varieties into its daily routine to avoid said boredom. Another important point that you must bear in mind is that, unlike most pets, the parrot usually lives around 75 years, so if you decide on it you will have a pet that will accompany us throughout your life.

Also, parrots can cause damage to furniture and objects with its beak, so it will be necessary to have a certain tolerance for these events.

You must also bear in mind that, if you live as a family, the parrot is an animal that will establish preferences among the different members of the family, a point that must be clarified to avoid problems with the animal, especially in the case of children.

But, to finish convincing you why parrots as a pet is not actually a bad idea, you will tell you the pros and cons.


They are smart

Parrots are quick learners. They have great communication skills too, though not off the hook. No pet would have that. One would need to put in some work in order to develop this skill. But, you don’t have to worry much, they will pick up easily.

They are clean

Birds are constantly grooming and cleaning their feathers, they do not need you to bathe them. You will only have to spray them occasionally with a warm water spray so that they are not dry. The only things that you will have to take into account in its maintenance are the nails and the beak, which will have to be filed or cut, by you or by the veterinarian.

They are sociable

People often think that is it not possible to bond with a parrot as one would bond with a dog or cat. Well, they can’t be more wrong. Birds generally can develop strong bonds with humans, and the Parrot is one of the birds known for this. You just have to spend more time with the bird

They have a longer lifespan

Parrots are generally very long-lived, and this is actually good because you would be having any heartbreak anytime soon.


Cons of having a Parrot

Problems are bound to arise due to inattention. Their intelligence makes them need a time of interaction every day.

Birds will most likely not learn what you would want them to learn.  They prefer learning on their own. Nonetheless, you would be surprised about how far they have gone.

They need interaction time. If you don’t spend time with your bird every day, it may become depressed, stressed, aggressive or destructive.

They are noisy most of the time.

If the parrot is not just your thing, these are great alternatives to parrots.



These little birds are easy to care for and require little interaction, so they are ideal as a first pet for children. They are cute, cheerful and very singing, so you can be sure that they will bring happiness to your home with their constant humming.


They are small and very striking birds that, having them since chicks, are easy to socialize. They are friendly and docile and they love to live in a company so the idea is that you have more than one. They don’t need a lot of space and they don’t need too much interaction, so they’re a good place to start.


It is usually the first pet bird of children. They are slightly larger than canaries and diamonds and are more sociable. Children can interact more with them. It is one of the most popular birds in homes for its easy care and friendly nature. In addition, they can learn tricks and can get used to being loose at home, accompanying you everywhere. But don’t be fooled by their endearing looks, parakeets can also be temperamental and need to be educated to be sociable and enjoy handling.


If what you are looking for is a slightly bigger and funnier bird that they can interact with a lot more, nymphs are an excellent choice as a pet bird for children. It is a cheerful, happy, loving, and playful bird. However, this species does need a higher level of attention so, if you don’t have enough time to dedicate each day, it is better that you opt for another bird. Nymphs are highly intelligent and extremely sociable, which is why they need more interaction with their caregiver. They can become depressed and misbehave if they are not cared for.


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