Christmas toys

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Christmas toys

Before launching to buy “the toy list” it is better to stop and think about what your little one really needs, what makes him excited and what toys can bring him more than a mere moment of distraction. We have selected 20 Christmas gifts that can help complete the list.

Drawings come true

Surely you have a lot of drawings of your little one all over the house. In the living room, in the bedroom and of course in the fridge so that everyone can see your child’s artistic gifts… But what if that drawing can become a stuffed animal to cuddle? It’s possible. Companies such as Madre del Amor Hermoso or MrBroc materialize the drawings into real dolls. A Christmas toy that will make you look amazing.

Drawing toys

It is probably one of the star Christmas toys of this year. The 3D pen allows you to draw in the air and create figures and shapes. 3D printers and moldable materials already have their children’s version. In this way the creations of the little ones become objects. It requires a little patience and skill, but that is its charm!

Interactive books

From 4 to 7 years old, the little ones are entertained with interactive books. This is the case of Leap Frog Leap Start. They are books that make sounds when pressed and they do it while learning the alphabet, discovering animals, the human body or colours.

Interactive stuffed animals

They are a classic. The little dog that barks, the dinosaur that blinks or the Tyler tiger that roars and plays with your child. Interactive stuffed animals are always a Christmas gift that they love. Being able to interact with them, take care of them and receive a response is a great encouragement.

Urban garden

Christmas can be a good time to give something more than a toy. Teach him how to plant a seed, to water, to be patient and to see how the plant grows. In addition, this type of urban garden allows them to play outdoors and enjoy nature. When the first leaves or vegetables sprout, teach him to eat healthily and have fun while doing it. It is indicated for children from 5 years.


Magic carpet

Not everything is toys! The furniture in your room also needs your touch… Why not a different, striking, cool rug? From space, passing through your favourite animal, a city full of details or simply a colourful carpet on which to lie down and play with other toys. There are also washable “magic” rugs for you to colour on.

Beetle Walker

As soon as they start walking, there is no one to stop them. They hold onto objects, chairs, tables to keep their balance. That is why an original walker is a way to control their impetus to know the world around them. An original gift for Christmas.

Tipi Tent

Who said that playing Indians is a thing of the past? A child’s imagination can be multiplied by a thousand if he finds a teepee tent in his room. Besides being an element of decoration, the best thing about tipi tents is that they can play, they can become a quiet corner to read, to play with friends or brothers.


It may not be on your gift list, but you may be very excited to become an Indian or a warrior with extraordinary marksmanship. A bow is undoubtedly a gift that will make them want to go out and play in the well-equipped park, spend time outdoors and get some exercise.

Tricycle- Bicycle

Who doesn’t remember their first bike? It is a special moment, that sway, that fear of falling even knowing that mom and dad are behind holding and earrings. It is one of the best Christmas gifts. The first step is indeed a tricycle with “help” for parents too. Be careful, because there are tricycles with an incredible design! If your little one already manages to perfection, it’s time for his first bike.


Temporal tattoos

Who has not made a decal and displayed it with pride? Now the little ones can show off fun designs with these temporary tattoos and most importantly, innocuous and easy to put on and take off. All you need is water and a sponge.

Shadow Theather

It is a classic Christmas gift. Today’s children are practically born with a tablet or a mobile. Digital is king, of course, but precisely because of that, a shadow theatre can fascinate them. It is a fun way to spend time with your family, to tell stories and to spark your imagination.


In your room or in the garden, babies can see the world from another position. These hangers are a good Christmas gift, more for mothers and fathers than for babies.

Bag to collect

With young children, you have to be practical. They love to play with all their toys and spend time with mom and dad, little brothers or friends, but then it’s time to pick up and whose turn is it? Yes, to you fathers and mothers. This bag is very useful for fast and hassle-free picking, especially for small parts. It is one of the Christmas gifts that should be on your list.



Warm and protected. That’s how comfortable the babies are in their nest. And the calmer parents can continue with their tasks anywhere in the house knowing that the little crawler is safe. In addition, it takes up less space than a crib and you can take it with you throughout the day.

Anti-roll cushions

In his crib he has everything. You have prepared his stuffed animals, his blankets and also, an anti-roll cushion so that he always sleeps in the ideal and warm position. One of the best Christmas gifts for your comfort and that of the parents.

Pacifier clip

It’s a classic: you give him the pacifier and bang, in a short time it’s on the floor and it’s time to change it and wash it again. A pacifier clip can save you a lot of time. Before buying this Christmas gift, it is important to look at the elements that attach the pacifier to your clothes. Better clip than safety pin that can be punctured by accident.

Evolutionary bathtub

It is a pleasure to see them grow healthy, strong and full of energy. Babies grow very fast and when you want to realize it, they already know how to walk, talk and go to keep it. In parallel to their growth, mothers and fathers have to replace and change clothes, cribs, pushchairs … and bathtubs. Everything is getting small, even at bath time. From 0 to 6 months, this bathtub adapts to the size of your baby so that he continues to enjoy the water like the first time.

Bath toys

Taking a bath is a relaxing time for little ones but they don’t always want to get into the bathtub. A Christmas gift can motivate them to play in the water. From a submarine with wheels and a hose to a pelican that keeps toys, to a dolphin that creates fun bubbles. Ducks to water!


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