Gadgets Gift Ideas

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Holiday season is right around the corner. If you are thinking about what to get your family then gadgets are the way to go.

Take a look at these gift ideas for your whole family.

Let’s start with  smartwatches. If your recipient has an iPhone, check out the Apple watch. It has three options with a series 3 the SE and a Series 6. Depending on your budget, we got to watch OS 8 with some great new features and there are a ton of color and band combinations. 

If he’s not an iPhone user then check out this Samsung watch 3. It has a beautiful large round display, a rotating bezel that helps with navigation and an excellent touch screen with amazing face options.

With all this text you’re going to run out of chargers. right now I’m using this Itachi dock five. This is a Multi-Device charging station with 2 USB C power delivery reports to usb port and a wireless charging pad. This way you can simultaneously charge up to five devices. It also helps organize your desk or countertop by doubling as a stand.

 Next if your guy likes listening to music and how to pair headphones that don’t look like your basic matte black design. Check out the mess in 99 classics. It first caught my eye was wouldn’t your Cub switch add a nice natural texture to my otherwise very modern set up. On top of that these ultrasounds are great, so I used these wired headphones to listen to content and when I’m live streaming or on a podcast.

 Now, a few gifts for the guy who’s interested in gaming. Starting with the Corsair k70 Mark. I actually have it attached to my main workstation. It’s a beautiful RGB mechanical keyboard. It has Cherry MX switches 8 megabytes on board profile storage and it’s compatible with coarse hairs IQ software. Mark also has a pass through port on the back for an additional USB device. 

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