Get Paid for Watching Videos and Surfing the Web?

by author

how it works and I’ll give you my two cents whether it’s worth your time or not so I all cast tic tic is it’s What’s called the gppt website which just means get paid to do a task a lot of these popping up.

The tasks include answering surveys or  finding deals, watching videos, playing games and even just surfing the web.

It kind of sounds like a dream job right now. At least I would be first class so the payout threshold is only $5. There’s some review saying it’s $10.

It looks like they decrease to defile or scroll down. Remember where I saw an ad somewhere on this website and anyways it’s $5. 

If you click down their Facebook page they do have a real Facebook page. It looks like a lot of these websites and I’ll just leave you to it like a blank page or something or to the top of the page so at least they have some social media presence.


Iit doesn’t release doesn’t say a date.  I know this is a newer website but usually I don’t have a date or you really do the threshold I look at if it’s over 5 years you can trust it.

 This doesn’t have a date so and obviously their testimonials there but you know are they real there’s really no way to tell end see.

So there’s not a lot of information on that website right so you can contact support maybe if you have any questions and I’ll take you to their email so if you have some questions.


You must be 18 and a US citizen so can you thank me for wondering why they would pay you to do simple tasks like watch videos, and fill out surveys.

They work with third-party companies not just kashkick but all these cheap easy websites they work with third-party companies that want people’s feedback. They want their info and their opinions and they need to use that as part of that information as part of their marketing strategies.

So that’s where the money comes from these third-party companies.

 Now sign up is very simple with Kashkick.


 I just go to their website and add your email and create a password and you’ll need to confirm your email and then go back to the website.

You can get started that’s basically yet now you want to complete your profile to get a $1 bonus and it also helps you get paired up with suitable gigs.

 Paste on your interest and experience so you have to fill out a profile if you want to when you get some actions you can do.


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