How do I improve concentration as an elderly person

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Concentration is the ability to focus our attention on a task and be able to perform adequately for a while without distractions. Lack of concentration is quite common since we live in a continuous bombardment of stimuli. However, by putting into practice some simple techniques we can improve concentration and be productive for a long time.

Concentration and memory go together. Therefore, if we learn to concentrate we will be able to remember more things, be more effective in carrying out any task, make decisions effectively, increase our mental agility and precision, which will be beneficial to us in the face of any challenge in our daily lives.

Numerous reasons prevent us from staying focused. If we are aware of them we can eliminate them to work with maximum performance.

Inadequate sleeping hours

One of the main reasons is not having slept enough hours. To maintain the capacity for attention and concentration we have to be rested. With the hours of sleep, the brain restarts and provides us with a state of complete lucidity, so that we will be able to process information much better and we will ensure that our long-term memory works correctly. On the other hand, if we do not sleep between seven and eight hours, we will observe that the mental processes related to focusing suffer.


Work stress

Another factor that tends to decrease concentration is work stress. We need to not be anxious or overly concerned about external factors to focus on a task. If we have high levels of stress, the most convenient thing is to do some exercise to relax, such as breathing with the diaphragm or meditating, moving away from all the intrusive thoughts that want to sabotage us.

Technology and unhealthy life

On the other hand, one of the most common distractions we have in today’s world is technology. The constant sending of messages or e-mails, or the temptation to surf the Internet can destroy our ability to concentrate. To avoid this, we can get away from any of the sources of distraction or use an application that helps us keep the focus on our activity.

Finally, leading an unhealthy and unbalanced life also contributes to lowering our concentration. To avoid this, it is best to follow a healthy eating routine, avoid a sedentary lifestyle by doing some physical activity, hydrate the brain by drinking enough water, and disconnect from work with quality leisure. All this will help us stay alert for longer. In addition, we must also avoid mental and visual fatigue, and try to find interest in the task we are doing, especially those that cause us boredom.

Techniques that could help increase concentration

The techniques to increase concentration are aimed at two purposes: avoid external distractions and maintain an adequate level of alertness to be able to focus on our tasks. In this sense, there are some techniques that we can apply to stay in the proper state of lucidity, including the following:


Chewing gum or drawing

While you draw or perform a mechanical task such as chewing gum, you relax tensions and fight boredom and drowsiness.

Playing chess

People who play chess improve concentration because this game requires analyzing all situations and anticipating our rivals.

Changing one’s state of mind

Before performing a task that requires contraction, we must free the mind of distractions and worries and achieve a mental state that favors greater performance.


Targeting Rewards

You can increase concentration by offering yourself small rewards after you have achieved certain objectives or goals.

Any mindfulness, self-control, meditation, or relaxation technique can help us keep our minds active and connected for longer.

Different techniques allow you to maintain concentration, but it is a person’s determination that allows them to maintain focus and work at full capacity. Because concentration, like other psychological skills, can also be trained and enhanced.


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