Keep you Car Running Smoothly

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The pistons are the powerHouse of the engine. A piston travels to the end of its range whether up or down. As a stroke car engines use a four-stroke cycle it works by the Piston descends sucking and air fuel mixture into the cylinder through the intake port with both intake valves open next compression with all valves closed the piston comes back up compressing the fuel and air mixture for more powerful combustion.

Powerstroke an electrical spark ignites the compressed fuel and air mixture and the resulting combustion forces the Piston to the bottom of the cylinder again the connecting rod transfers this power to the crankshaft finally exhaust the piston comes back up pushing this vent make sure out through openings and the exhaust port connecting multiple pistons for smooth power delivery.

Pistons take turns firing the firing order for this engine specially shaped cans for spring loaded valves.

An open intern cam gears and a timing belt or chain links everything to the crankshaft and it all comes together. The crankshaft translates in piston power out of the engine. 

It has counterweights. 

The balance against the Pistons for perfectly smooth Revolution. This is what RPM means; we’re counting the number of crankshaft revolutions per minute. 

The engine block hold the crankshaft and cylinders and a cylinder head holds valves ports cans Etc.. the geared flywheels hits one side of the crankshaft for connection to a transmission it’s also where the starter connects to the system. Four cylinders arranged in a single row but there are many other possible configurations like six cylinders with three on each side angle in a V shape or 8 it’s like different design. They all the same basic engine parts. 

Let’s look at other systems that support this combustion process. The air intake air comes into the air filter and then into the intake manifold where it mixes with fuel before being sucked into individual cylinders through intake fuel pump that carries gas from the tank to a fuel filter to the engine where fuel injectors admit a precisely time spray of gas into the intake port cool.

 Engines get very hot during operation and require a cooling system color channels around the cylinders and through the cylinder heads. Special liquid called antifreeze exit temperatures within safe operating range it’s called antifreeze because it won’t freeze in icy weather 

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