Necessities of a newborn baby

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Necessities of a newborn baby

You are going to have a baby? Are you looking for the ideal gift for future parents? Today there are so many childcare products that it is sometimes difficult to discern which items are really necessary for a newborn and which are expendable.

That is why it will be great for you to have at hand this list that we have prepared for you with the essential items for the newborn. Those that you cannot miss and that you have to have prepared a few weeks before the expected delivery date.

Items the newborn needs to eat: Feeding

Globally, exclusive breastfeeding is recommended for at least six months of the baby.

If you choose this type of diet, you will need few items for newborns in this regard. A new mom will benefit from having nursing bras, clothing that allows for comfortable breastfeeding, and absorbent pads on hand to avoid staining her clothing if her milk leaks.

If you have to go to work and you are going to express milk, you will have to get a good pump. There are manual and electric.

If for whatever reason your little one is going to feed with formula milk, you will need to buy it and also get at least two bottles.


A baby item that is not essential but is quite practical is the bottle warmer. This way you will avoid having to heat them in saucepans in a bain-marie and you will achieve the ideal temperature.

It will also be useful to get a thermos to keep the water warm if you are going to give the bottle away from home.

Items to dress the baby: Clothes

We already know that baby clothes are absolutely ideal and that you would take them all home, but in reality, newborn babies need cotton clothes that are as comfortable as possible the most.

Our recommendation is that you do not buy a lot of clothes at first because you do not know what the size of your baby will be at birth. Some newborns wear size 0 and others are directly 1.

Also, keep in mind that they will surely give you a lot of clothes.


Essentials clothing for newborns

  • 6 bodies: The star garment is undoubtedly the bodysuit. You will never have too many, so here you can really get out of hand without regrets. The newborn will need at least 6. You will have to change him several times a day and you must have spare parts so that you have time to wash them and dry them.
  • 3 leggings: Leggings, that is, pants with feet, are also very practical to put on the baby with the bodysuit and not have to wear socks, which always fall off.
  • 2 pairs of booties or socks: If you are not going to wear leggings.
  • 3 cotton jackets or sweaters, especially if you are born in the cold season.
  • 4 pyjamas: Better if they are whole, with feet, so that the baby does not get cold.
  • Some cotton outfit to go out.
  • Hat and mittens for the hospital. Newborns need them to avoid losing body heat in their first hours of life.
  • 2 blankets or lullabies.
  • 2 large muslin: Muslins are very practical. You are going to use them for many things. For example, to lull your baby, to cover it, to place it on any surface or to change it.
  • 4 small muslin or gauze: They will come in handy to clean your little one if he regurgitates and to put them on your shoulder when you put it on so that he can breathe out after eating, among many other uses.

Items that the newborn needs to sleep: Rest

Unless you are going to practice only co-sleeping, one of the items that the newborns need is a crib.

Make sure you comply with the necessary security measures. The bars should not have a separation from each other of more than 6 centimetres.

The mattress must be firm and made of breathable material.

Some mattresses are used without sheets, but in most cases, you will need, at a minimum, fitted sheets.


For the cold months, it is advisable to use a sleeping bag, rather than a blanket or quilt. They are more secure.

If you use blankets and sheets, make sure they are not loose and always place them under your little one’s arms.

If you use blankets and sheets, make sure they are not loose and always place them under your little one’s arms.

The mom is not left out. Here are the essentials for the mother’s hospital suitcase

  • Open nightgowns to promote breastfeeding, two nightgowns are fine
  • Nursing bras. 2-3 night dresses will suffice.
  • Absorbent discs for breastfeeding, when the milk rises you will easily stain your clothes if you do not use them.
  • Nipple care cream. Breastfeeding is a beautiful time, but it is important to take care of the nipples to avoid or reduce injuries and cracks.
  • Cotton panties or disposable panties. The first days after giving birth there are losses and it is important to maintain hygiene and that the skin breathes, so you can opt for disposable, more comfortable, or cotton panties.
  • Comfortable clothes to return home. Go for something wide, you’ll still feel bloated and your tummy won’t suddenly disappear.
  • Personal hygiene products: neutral soap, shampoo, toothbrush, and toothpaste, etc.
  • Post-partum Support. In this case, it is a personal option or it may have been recommended by your doctor.



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