Smart cat breeds

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Various Cat Breeds

Although certain studies try to determine the degree of intellect, indeed, the results they give are not entirely clear; yes, thanks to these it is possible to determine strengths such as the feline’s social skills.

Some cat lovers have very clear preferences when choosing their animal. The size and colour of the eyes not only influences when bringing a new feline home: apparently, some believe that there are breeds of cats more intelligent than others. Are we talking about a mere opinion or is there some proven fact behind it?

Elegant Ethiopian cats are distinguished by cheerful and playful character. They are easy to teach to bring toys. They are very curious, but they understand the rules of behaviour in the house. True, it is better to provide a scratch on an Abyssinian cat, otherwise, it will turn into a door jamb or shelf.

Just like the Elegant Ethiopian cats breed feature, there are cat breeds that stand out in intelligence. Cats are capable of entertaining themselves, and they are very efficient at figuring out how to get to new places. If you’re not careful, your cat can outsmart you sometimes. Here are some of the smartest cat breeds in the world

Smartest cat breeds in the world



The most notable feature is how tiny the Singapore cats are. As well as being one of the most intelligent cat breeds in the world, they are also the smallest breed of cats in the world.

Despite their small size, Singapore cats have a great personality and their hyperactivity ensures that you know they are there. Singapore cats may surprise you by jumping from a high place on your shoulder as you walk.


Singapore cats are very curious and are always busy. They may stop from time to time to sit on your lap, but they will feel like going back to doing what they are trying to do and will even maintain that playful nature as adults. These little cats love people and pets, but make sure there is enough variety to keep your Singapore cat entertained.

Singapore has recently adopted the Singaporean cat as the country’s official mascot to attract tourists.



The Cornish Rex is a very intelligent cat. Try hiding something from this cat and you would see just about how intelligent it is. It also turns out that they are not only intelligent. They put their long feet to great use. Do you remember that thing you hid? Well, the Cornish Rex is skilled enough to jump for it.


This trait makes them very good retrievers. Noe you can think of a game to play with your C. REX



Bengal cats are great at learning tricks, and they are great with their paws. This can cause problems, as Bengal cats have a tendency to turn off light switches, play with electronics, and get into mischief.

They love water and will follow you into the bathtub or shower if they can. But their love of water and nimble legs make them a nightmare for fish in aquariums or backyard ponds. Bengali cats love to climb like their leopard ancestors, so they will definitely need a cat tree if they prefer not to have hole-filled curtains.

Bengal cats are very popular and many famous celebrities own or have owned Bengal cats, such as Kristen Stewart from the Twilight film series, who is a lover of this breed of cat.



What happens when the intelligence of the Siamese and Burmese races is mixed? The intelligence of the Tonkinese cat is obtained.

The Tonkinese, as they are called, needs attention, they will chase you and even put you on your shoulder. The Tonkinese cat is happy to meet new people and is quite sociable. That is why you should not leave it alone for a long time.


The good news is that these cats are happy with any type of company, be it a cat of another breed or even a dog. They are good at dog play, like fetching, and even walk on a leash.

The Tonkinese cat also likes to “chat”, although it is not as loud as its Siamese relatives. Basically, if you want a dog, but your apartment only allows cats, the Tonkinese is the breed for you. They are very smart, so “puzzle games” won’t keep them busy for long. It is important to continue renovating these cats’ toys to keep them busy.


Distinctive features of these cats – a special structure of the ears and the ability to stand on its hind legs. Because of them, lop-eared Scots are considered one of the funniest cat breeds. At the same time, they are also one of the most intelligent breeds, because they are well trained in tricks and moving games.


Burmese cats like to “talk”, but not as much as Siamese cats. They need petting and attention, as well as regular mental training. They are easy to train and will be happy to put on a demonstration of their skills to guests.

Other intelligent cat breeds worth mentioning are the Japanese bobtail cat, Siamese cat, Turkish van cat and Abyssinian cat.


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