Strong toys for your dog

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Strong toys for your dog

Toys are important tools for a child’s optimal development. All parents know it. What many new pet parents don’t realize, however, is that the same gadgets that have helped shape children’s lives can also be used to shape their pups’ behavior. Many animal behavior specialists recommend choosing the most appropriate toys for dogs to become more versatile dogs. If you’re not sure where to start, let us guide you to the right line of the best dog toys on the market.

Join us as we try to walk you around the options you can choose from.

  • If you want to have a good time playing with your dog, a good option can be a shooter or rope to play tug of war.
  • if what you are looking for is a toy that forces your dog to use his intellect and tires him mentally, opt for an interactive toy, such as a sniffing blanket or an intelligence game.
  • If you want your dog to relax and release stress, it is convenient to have chewing toys, such as a classic KONG.

KONG for each dog

When we talk about toys for dogs, it is inevitable to talk about KONG, surely the best known and most prestigious brand in this field: who has not ever seen that famous and resistant toy with a conical shape in which you can put food or treats to keep your dog? the entertaining dogs?

The story goes that the company’s founder was inspired to create the popular classic KONG toy by his dog, Fritz.


One day, while his human partner was working on a car repair, Fritz picked up a piece of rubber from the car and put it on his knees for him to throw. The conical shape of the piece made it bounce unpredictably, and the dog loved this and thus came the idea to create this great toy.

Undoubtedly one of the most popular toys for dogs with the permission of the traditional ball is the frisbee. That flying disc that we will have to throw to our playmate, and that he will have to catch in the air.


Unless your dog has a health problem that makes it unsuitable for him to jump too much, the Frisbee is a highly recommended toy. It provides you and your furry friend with moments of great fun, which can have many benefits for your dog.

Try out any of thesee two, let us see how it goes>

When it comes to buying a flying disc, one of the best options on the market is the KONG Flyer. It is a frisbee made of flexible and resistant natural rubber, so it will not damage the dog’s teeth during the game, and it will also last a long time.


Just as toys are important to children in helping them reach their full growth potential, especially in ensuring their optimal physical, emotional, cognitive, mental, social, and spatial development, toys for Dogs are also equally important.

Dogs have this innate need to chew. It is something that is already deeply ingrained in its genes and there is no point in trying to modify something that is part of the organism’s entire existence. However, instead of chewing your carpet and furniture, you can give them virtually indestructible toys so, they won’t be easily shredded.


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