Unemployment Benefits: What you need to know[updated]

by admin44

Keeping in the loop with what the latest updates for unemployment benefits are is important because they are changing all the time. If you are already eligible, it is important to know what the new requirements can be for eligibility.

All you need could be found on the Offical page of the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR

States paid unemployment benefits through the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance which was focused on individuals who are self-employed, seeking a part-time job, or did not qualify for the regular unemployment benefit. The Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) was also used as a medium of getting the benefits out there.

Clearly, all this added together was a significant amount of money, and about 34 states a looking to bail out. To make matters worst, They now owe the federal government a lot of money as a result of the federal helping. The Federal government action was a necessity as states were looking and figures surmounting 3.5 times their normal payments. Now they have to pay back and it looks like they have only 3 options at their disposal: 

  1. Using more federal funds,
  2. Increasing taxes on employers,
  3. Cutting future benefits.

Either way, we hope we are not heading to another recession.

How can One be eligible for this benefit? 

The following key factors are looked into before one is deemed eligible.

  • There is a certain amount of money one must earn the year before application. This is one of the most important factors before being considered for this benefit.
  • One must possess a work permit and as such be authorized to work in the United States.
  • The applicant must also be currently unemployed or earn an income lower than the stipulated weekly amount.
  • Other factors considered are your ability to work if called upon without any delay.


What are the steps required

Applying for the benefit is quite easy. After verifying your eligibility status, what is left for you to do is quite straightforward.

First, you would need to head out to an unemployment insurance office in your state, grab an application form there, and fill it out.

This application can be done online. If you happen to work in a different state, we would recommend you seek guidance from the unemployment insurance company closest to you.

The information asked for during the application ranges from your address to the date of your last employment.


What if your application is not approved? What is the next step?

You can actually appeal in the case that your application is not approved and you seem to disagree with the result. An appeal for reconsideration must be filed between the date specified in the determination to appeal.

After completing the appeal, a hearing will be scheduled with an unemployment law judge. Hearings are by phone. Participating in the hearing is a must if you really want to secure the benefit as the judge may dismiss your appeal if you are not present.

Ideally, within the next 20 days, you are likely to receive the verdict by the judge. This decision can also be reviewed. 

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