Toys that help improve your child’s intelligence

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Toys that help improve your child’s intelligence

Cognitive skills or abilities are used daily by all of us, and it is important to train them from a young age. Also, the most fun and exciting learning is, without a doubt, through play. For this reason, there are activities and toys specially designed for what is called Cognitive Stimulation, and that aim to reinforce skills such as logic or memory of the little ones and have fun doing it! we want to share with you some recommendations about games and toys that stimulate the cognitive development of our little ones.

Join us, lets review the main skills that are involved in this development.

What is cognitive stimulation?

When talking about cognitive stimulation in children, we refer to those techniques created to improve the following brain abilities of the smallest:

  • Memory
  • Attention
  • Language
  • Lexicon and working memory
  • Perception
  • Intelligence

In this way, cognitive skills are those that have to do with reasoning and how information is processed by the brain to reach a certain reaction.

Before we start with the examples, there are some tips that I want to give you to do the cognitive stimulation correctly.

Tips for Cognitive Stimulation

If you want to develop cognitive skills in children with learning difficulties, we recommend going to a professional. Establish a relaxed and stimulating environment without distractions.

For cognitive stimulation to be effective, it must be adapted to the cognitive and potential level of each person.

Toys, tools and activities that pose a challenge for our little ones should be used. In turn, they should not be too complicated to lose motivation.

Use materials of different textures, smell, shapes and colours to enrich the child’s stimulation.

Cognitive abilities are important, but we must also provide other stimuli such as exercise or symbolic play to our little ones.

Toys and Activities for Cognitive Stimulation

In this section, we will give some examples of Toys considered useful for Cognitive Stimulation. Please serve these as examples so that we understand the type of toys that are used for this purpose.

Although the same activity reinforces several cognitive skills, we will divide this section according to the main capacity that it is intended to stimulate. Given the depth of the topic, we will provide some ideas for the stimulation of the following skills:

  • Memory
  • Logic
  • Space vision
  • Mathematical Learning

Toys for memory stimulation

MEMORY, together with LOGIC, is one of the main skills that seek to improve with cognitive stimulation.

Memory games are a clear example of cognitive toys. In addition to memory, attention is stimulated. With them, it is sought that the little one remembers the position of the pieces that he is turning, to make pairs.

I play a lot with my daughter, and I have to say she has a great time. An activity that we do with this game is:

I show him 5-6 pieces, I turn them. Then I ask where each one is. When there are 2 left, I ask him which ones are missing. As it goes right, I add more pieces for the next round.

This modality is sometimes more complicated than the classic one of raising couples, and at least my daughter loves it.

Other toys to stimulate memory

Outside of the classic memory game, there are other alternatives for memory stimulation. One of such alternative is the TOWO memory game.

TOWO Memory Game

One of the wooden toy brands that I like the most for Cognitive Stimulation is Toys of Wood Oxford. And one of the ones that I think best represents it is this Memory Game. It is a wooden plate with 24 holes and the same number of pegs. There is also dice with 6 colours.

The pegs have a colour that is hidden when placed on the board.

Toys to stimulate logic

LOGIC begins to develop when you are aware that after an action there is a reaction. In other words, when the little ones see consequences for their actions.

Little by little, they begin to understand the conditions that lead to a consequence, and they will learn to recreate these conditions to obtain the same result.

The toys shown here are good examples to reinforce this learning.

Activity Boxes

The Activity Boxes are cubes with various proposals for our little one. They usually have the following: Ball maze, Gears, Geometric forms.

With these boxes, recommended for ages 1 and up, children are stimulated as they understand how each of the faces of the cube works.

With them, in addition to logic, we stimulate concentration.

Nuheby Activity Box

The Nuheby activity box goes one step further, and although at a price slightly higher than a normal activity box, it offers us a hexagonal one and therefore with more proposals.

Pattern Recognition

TOWO Wood Color Sorting Game

Probably the game that I like the most to stimulate the logic of the little ones, although complicated for young ages.

With this toy, the little ones (and the not so little ones) will have to think about what strategy to follow to move the coloured balls so that they form the reference image.

Moving parts cannot be removed from the board, so they will not be lost or eaten.

It is recommended for children over 3 years old.

Toys to reinforce Spatial Vision

With SPACE VISION we refer to the ability to make mental constructions of shapes, colours, spaces.

In short, the ability to imagine our environment and what we need to deal with it.

Stimulating the Spatial Vision we teach to coordinate the vision and hands, or understanding the world in 3 dimensions, for example.

Building games

TOWO Multicolor Wooden Stacker Toy

Toys of Wood Oxford and other brands stand out from the typical Block Game with options like this one.

It is a game that, in addition to building with the blocks that come, can be placed on the wooden moon to keep it stable.

The little ones can play with us or with friends in the following way:

The player rolls the dice and must place a piece of the corresponding colour on the wooden moon.

If the pieces do not fall, the next player follows.

With this, the little ones not only build but also stimulate strategy.

Classic Stacking and Balancing Game

The Classic brand has also opted for this type of Block toys with a component that swings.

In this case, it is a matter of placing “doughnuts” on 5 possible pillars on a seesaw.

With this exercise, the little ones learn the fundamentals of gravity.

Cards are included so they can recreate different combinations and thus do pattern recognition.

Math Learning Toys

Although MATHEMATICAL LEARNING is done through logic, I have seen fit to separate it because there are many toys specially designed for this purpose.


The abacus was invented in 300 BC and is considered the first instrument for calculating simple operations.

Even today it is used to teach calculus to the little ones, and I personally love them.

WOOMAX abacus

They opt for a more traditional style, but that perfectly fulfils the purpose of the abacus.

Grimm’s number strips

Grimm’s presents its number strip with the colours that characterize this brand.

There are 100 blocks of different sizes and colours so that the little ones can learn the basic rules of numbers and associate them with colours.

For example, proportions can be understood by seeing how different combinations create an object of the same length.

Geometric Wood Figures and Fraction Shapes TOWO

This TOWO set is very complete to stimulate the learning of math. Wooden pieces come in many geometric shapes and of different sizes.

It is ideal to bring the little ones closer to geometry and proportions.

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