Unsecured Credit Cards – A Debtors Dream?

by author

If you have bad credit but are looking to find a credit card, you might be shocked at the options you have available.

Everything that we’ve been taught about credit is that we are at the mercy of our past in order to obtain a credit card or loans. The good news is that there are options available for you if this is your case.

The trick is applying to unsecured credit cards that will help you rebuild your credit. Where do you find these and do they actually work?

If you have bad credit, you have several common options to be proactive and fix them. Most of these options have consequences that you should analyze before taking action.

Obviously tracking your credit report closely and disputing them is one step. You may also just pay off due balances. Start by thinking which account has the lowest balance or identify which account has the highest interest rate and start there. It’s all about having a strategy to tackle your debt one at a time. 

If a debt collector is already involved, negotiating with them is a possibility to create a lender payment plan.

You may also want to try to increase your credit limit so that it appears that you’re not maxing out your accounts. It’s all about controlling your credit utilization threshold so that it appears that you are a responsible debtor. 


An option is getting a new credit card, which will increase your credit limit and work to lower your credit utilization limit as well. As you can tell the goal is to control your perception on paper in front of the banks.

There are also credit repair approaches if that’s what you’re into. 


The easiest bet would be getting an unsecured credit card and being able to manage that credit utilization threshold once again. Most of these cards have no penalty fee if you’re late on payments. These cards are easily accessible and fast to get. Unsecured credit cards like the Applied Bank Visa Unsecured Card have fixed APR and management monthly payments.


These cards can help you get control of your debt and improve your perception in front of the major credit bureaus. Unsecured cards are specifically made for you to build credit responsibly. In essence, they are a fast and easy option to for you without having to go through extensive credit repair approaches or being stressed about long payment plans. 


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