When you should change your furniture

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When is the best time to take out your old furniture and give your home a new look? 

Although it may not seem like it, the decoration of a house is a very important aspect to improve the mood and quality of life of those who live in it, however, because most of the time we are focused on other issues related to our personal lives or work, we let those spaces that can make us feel better in our house to deteriorate or become boring.

That is why, if you have the idea of ​​starting to change things in your home, then it is our job to give you the push you need to do it at the best time.


The half-life of home furnishings

The life expectancy of most parts varies according to the number of years and is highly dependent on the original materials used and the construction of the parts, the amount of daily use, and the amount of care taken while using the furniture. A sofa in a family room with young children, teens, and many pets won’t last as long as one in a formal living room.


How to know if it’s time to change the furniture

There are several questions to ask yourself that will help you know when it is time to replace a piece of furniture:

When they cause you boredom or stress

When they are damaged

When they are over 10 years old

When they cause you boredom or stress



It’s normal to get tired of the same view after a while. In fact, many people find it difficult to endure routine or monotonous situations, even when it comes to decorating their homes.

That is why, in times like spring, considered a time of renewal and change, you may find good deals on useful items for your home due to the change of season and inventory of some stores, or the cost of renovations for armchairs or rooms is in great demand and the costs are more accessible.

When do you Think is the Right Time to Change your Furniture?

When they are damaged?

It is very likely that you are choosing to ignore those damages that do not seem major in some of your furniture but do not forget to take into account that, however minimal, those damages in the paint, structure, or fabric, will be more expensive and difficult to fix with time. Very probably some of these damages do not merit a complete replacement of the object, but you should consider repairing or renewing them with the application of a new varnish or tapestry, in the case of rooms or armchairs, or paying attention to that strange sound that comes out of your fan or washing machine.


When they are over 10 years old?

It’s fine if some furniture you own has a special value for you or was given to you by a family member or acquaintance, but over time old furniture accumulates problems and can make your new house or apartment look old on the surface. trendy or cool place.

To renovate your house, you need to identify if you have furniture that has been with you for a long time and the state in which it is in order to consider exchanging it for other furniture, selling it at a reasonable price, or changing its appearance to give it a touchback to the room where you want to place it.


When you decide to replace your furniture, there are several options to get rid of old furniture, depending on the quality of the piece. You can donate your furniture if they are still usable or even go as far as selling them if there are people in need. Sometimes, they are just too damaged for the above hence, disposing of them would be the best idea in this case.


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