Is it possible to earn a $1000 gift card in one go?

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No! This is too good to be true, we know this but it is funny how the same trick is used on us. On can only earn a few free Gift cards in one go, let see how its works.

Gift cards are a great option. While they are not as useful as cash, there is something more convenient about having credit that you can use at certain stores and online. Fortunately, one can win a gift card through promotions from different companies. There is almost no limit to how much or how many programs are out there that offer gift cards for the completion of a task. The only limit is really how much effort you want to put in. Sign-up bonuses and promotions are good for one-time gift cards, online surveys are also a good way one could earn gift cards. The good thing about online surveys is that this method can be applied over and over again.

Let dive into the different ways one could earn a gift card.



As one of the most popular rewards websites on the internet, Swagbucks has many ways to earn them. They can pay you to watch videos, answer surveys, and even play games. Swagbucks Live is an extension of the brand, a special contest that you can participate in for free and have a chance to win great prizes. All contests are in real-time

Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

The app is a new offering from the long-established survey and rating company. With your mobile app, you can get rewarded for just using the internet as you normally do, as well as signing up for regular giveaways.


MyPoints offers special savings and rewards for shopping at your favourite stores, as well as fun surveys you can complete to earn more points, MyPoints is a great way to passively work toward gift cards or even cash rewards.

Microsoft Bing

The search engine will reward you for using it. You earn points when you search and can redeem them for gift cards from companies like Amazon or Starbucks.


It is one of the most popular and legitimate websites to make money online, It has been around for a long time and continues to pay its members on time every time. Their app is also a great place to test when you’re on the go. All you need to do is take surveys, read emails, complete offers, play games, and shop online. Others include

  • Survey Junkie¬†
  • Vindale Research
  • Branded Surveys
  • LifePoints
  • Opinion Outpost
  • Harris Poll Online
  • Valued Opinions
  • Toluna


Amazon gives you many opportunities to win a gift card without spending. You don’t necessarily have to shell out money to get an Amazon gift card.
The advantage of Amazon is that here you can find practically anything you need, so if you have a gift card from this online store you could take advantage of it to satisfy any need you have, whether you want to have an electronic device, clothes, shoes or books, among many other articles.

Work for Amazon from home

Few know this, but you could do little chores for the online sales giant by signing up for the Amazon Mechanical Turk Worker program. Here you will receive a payment when completing an online job, which generally has to do with image and video processing, web content writing, data cleaning, transcripts, and other things. The payment they give you will vary according to the task you have done, but you can transfer the money to an Amazon gift card.

Take advantage of their exchange program

Another easy way to get these prized cards without shelling out is by exchanging items you no longer want. So if you have a tablet, a phone, a video game console, or even books in good condition, you can exchange them for Amazon gift cards. Just open an account in their Amazon Trade-In program, send them your junk items, wait for an evaluation, and if they are accepted, you will receive a gift card.

Gift cards are a very easy, effective, and convenient way to give someone a gift. Since you only have to buy the gift card for the amount you want to give away, in the store of your choice. Then the person to whom you gave the card, will buy what they want with the amount of money that is on the gift card. Generally, you can give gift cards with the amount of money you want.

Some stores even give you the option to send the card electronically by text message, email or through an application. Amazon gift card You can gift an Amazon gift card from $ 1 up to $ 2,000. Amazon gift cards do not expire and have no fees. The card can be used to shop on Amazon or at affiliated stores like Whole Foods. You have several options to deliver the gift card, you can send it electronically by text message, email or app, you can print the gift card at home or you can get a regular gift card.

The downside to gift cards is that money cannot be recovered or refunded after the card is used. Even if the gift card is lost or someone steals it, the money cannot be recovered. Although gift cards are very useful for giving someone a gift, scammers often use gift cards to commit fraud and steal money.

Man Mask Identity Hacker Danger Scammer Scam

Scammers have a knack for convincing people that an emergency really exists, so many people went to Walmart, Target, or CVS to buy gift cards to send to these individuals. If someone calls you stating about an emergency that you have an alleged family member or that you need to pay a debt with a gift card, you should exercise caution.

Now that you know how to earn some gifts card and most importantly how to better protect yourself from scammers, you can get cracking.

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