Visa provides a secure application portal for most reward credit cards[Updated]

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Visa offers an easy way to apply for Reward credit cards on their official website. This move is applauded and will go a long way in making sure the process of getting your credit card is authentic.

By now you probably know that there are reward credit cards in existence. It would be a nice idea to own one you know why? Well, check out a few credit cards offering cool bonuses.

Limited credit card Marriott Bonvoy

In January 2019, the new Marriott Bonvoy Loyalty Program was brought to life. The points on this card accumulate the largest when you make use of any of Marriotts’ 6,700 hotels. Vacation packages, flights, and gift cards are also included. The card offers you a category of Silver Automatic Elite, which gives you additional benefits such as a dedicated reservation line, a priority late check-out, and an instant exchange for anything you can charge to your room.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card

The Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card is much preferable when one is looking to travel by sea. It is quite easy to accumulate and redeem points on this card too. One stands to get an additional 25 percent increase in points. Another large point of sale is its 1: 1 transfer value to participating associated hotels and airlines. This card offers coverage on damages by automatic collision within the United States and in other countries. Someone without regular car insurance can tell you how invaluable this is a plus, you can now omit the costly additional insurance coverage rates when renting a car.

Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card

The Hilton Honor ASPIRE American Express card sure has its downside. It has a pretty low redemption value ​​and a high annual fee. So what makes it appear among the list of credit cards offering cool bonuses?

The Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card has one of the biggest signup bonuses. You can also get up to 14 points after spending $1 on or on a Hilton property, 3 points on $1 spent on other purchases except for purchases through approved providers which would fetch you 7 points.

Look up their website to see other perks they offer.

Capital credit card One Venture Rewards

This card is a great Chase Sapphire Preferred competitor due to the ease and flexibility one gets when redeeming one’s points, unlimited accumulation of points, and good assessment. All purchases with the card give two miles for each dollar spent and recently, it will gain ten times the amount of the dollar spent on or in thousands of participating hotels. 

Credit card bonuses, benefits, and charges are bound to change from time to time, thus one should always check on the current bonus one is eligible for. Also, for some credit cards, you would need to make a certain amount of purchase before you are eligible for a bonus, you should be sure the amount is within your budget before going for it.

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