Best Federal Financial Assistance Programs

by author

I’m going to go over legitimate ways to get free money from the government that actually work and won’t be a complete waste of your time.

You will know everything that you need in order to get started so the first thing that you want to do is you want to check to see if there’s free money that’s being held by either the state that you live in now or say they’ve lived in the past for either yourself or any member of your family.

These could be from an old bank account that they opened when they were a kid. They could be from an old investment account that your grandparents opened for you and you didn’t even know about, an old insurance policy land or personal property that was sold at auction.

It could be a ton of different things but what ends up happening is they try to find you and if they don’t, it goes into a trust. They hold the money for you, they try to find you. I mean they pretty much never find you.

The problem is it just doesn’t have that many staff and they don’t have the cash to hire people to go out there and just search for everybody and call and try to find these people that left money with them.

So they rarely find people to claim it.

You have to be the person that actually goes to your state or any state that you lived in the past and do what’s known as an asset search. For a broke 13 year old that doesn’t have a penny to their name, you can still do this because you can search for your parents names, your aunts or uncles, your brother, your sister, your cousins, or nephews. 

Seriously, it doesn’t matter if you search everybody’s name because there’s over 58 billion dollars in unclaimed money in the United States.

You heard that right 58 billion dollars so chances are somebody in your family does have unclaimed money. A few years back I did this very thing and what do you know my dad had an old property that he kind of forgot about that was sold at auction and he ended up getting a really nice 5 bigger amount dad was really happy and I ended up getting a new PlayStation.

Now doing this search is a very difficult and arduous process so you need to pay really really close attention. 

1. Go to Google type in your state then type in unclaimed property search.

2. Then you look for the link that says your state controller office click on it.

3. Then go to the link that says unclaimed property search and then click on that.

4. Then enter your first or last name or the last name of whoever you’re searching for. 

You’re done. That’s easy. Now if you find anything, you’ll have to fill out a form to verify your identity and then they’ll send you the check.

This whole process took around 3 weeks to a month somewhere around there, but I’m sure this varies from state-to-state and I’m sure there’s some states that are much faster than others.

So enter everybody’s name that you know and chances are you will find something where you can get free money from the government is free government grants and there are a ton of these.

A really good one is 995 and they know how to help you pay your mortgage payment or at least reduce it by up to half on an ongoing basis if you need it. Basically is to pay your mortgage or to reduce your mortgage by up to half on an ongoing basis. 

If you need it now one of the main reasons this organization exists is because of the 2008 financial housing crisis where millions of people ended up for closing on their mortgages and since then they have helped over 9 million people avoid foreclosure so this is a legit program.

This is no joke and this isn’t one of those grants we’re winning it is like winning the lottery or something like that. This is actually one that you’re very very likely to get if you apply for it and they have over 10 different programs that range from paying all of your mortgage for a very short term time like maybe 1 month or up to half of your mortgage on an ongoing basis basically for the entire life of your mortgage.

So basically whatever situation you’re in they have a program that can help you out.

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