Unemployment Benefits have been Updated.

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A number of unemployment benefits updates have been proposed in the senate by republican leaders. The dilemma comes when we take into consideration whether or not Americans have the right to unemployment benefits even if they are not vaccinated.

This has created quite a commotion stating that vaccination should be imposed by the government and should be a self made decision. There’s also debate when it comes to one quitting their job. If you voluntarily terminate your own employment then why should the rest of us pay to support you. 

As pandemic related programs come to close the race to put into place viable substitutes starts.

Chances are you do not know if your state still has active benefits. You’d have to contact your state authorities for that information. 

White house representatives support the extension of the unemployment benefits since it looks like there are still a lot of Americans who are still in financial hardship due to the pandemic. 

Senator Bernie Sanders has urge the government to put pressure upon the governors to hold off on terminating unemployment benefits.

This comes at a time when a high portion of the population still relies on unemployment benefits and some have taken legal action for abrupt termination of those benefits. 

A lot of states are left to decide on their own since most federal programs have come to close. 

As more and more states follow suit by cancelling these programs or reducing their scope, civilians are left with no option but to proceed with legal ramifications for such decisions.  

If you are counting on unemployment related benefits make sure you get informed and reach out for help. 

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